With colours ranging from yellow to reddish brown, Bangkirai is a versatile type of hardwood. Commonly found in Indonesia, it has become known under various different nicknames. It’s strength and striking red colour make it a useful building material. Be it a fence, pergola or even an entire deck.

The toughness of Bangkirai allows it to deal with water and humid conditions really well. Insects and weather have little effect on it, perfect for use in gardens. It’s diverse array of colors also allows you to pick a style that matches your desires. This is probably for the best, since altering the color of Bangkirai with painting or staining is not advised. The high resistance to liquids makes it notoriously difficult to stain or paint. If you want to know more about how this hardwood can be used feel free to give us a call. We’ll gladly provide you with expert advice from our experienced employees.

Building a deck with Bangkirai is done similar to most other hardwoods. The boards are screwed onto an underlying frame of beams held up by posts. We do recommend you pre-drill the screw holes since it is such a tough material. This will make adding the boards to your deck much easier and minimizes the chances of cracks or splitting.

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We offer a select supply of Bankirai goods. Over the years its popularity has waned and cheaper alternatives like Ipe are as durable if not more. We still provide that unique Bangkirai look for fence panels and skirting boards. Enhance your home with durable hardwood products from Stratton Group.