Timber decking

Few things add value to a garden like a beautiful hardwood deck. Building your own is a challenge but with the Stratton Group you can make the best start. We provide high quality timber for decking, pergolas and more. It is well capable of handling the harsh Australian climate and can be finished in many different ways. This will allow you to create the perfect look for you. In addition to the lumber we provide deck screws and more. This allows us to provide you with a one-stop shop for all the resources required. Make enriching your house with a gorgeous hardwood deck a reality.

Finding the right timber for decking

We offer many different types of timber to use for decking. Each of these provides their own pros and cons. Some offer good resistance to the elements, where others provide a wide range of options for a colourful finish. Many decks in Australia are made with hardwood thanks to its relatively low cost and high durability. Some of them are even fire resistant enough to be put in bushfire prone areas. We provide several interesting types of hardwood in our online store. These are among others Massaranduba and IPE.

Massaranduba is an amazingly tough type of wood from South America. It is highly resistant to mold, rot, decay and fire. Perfect for the Australian climate. With a small bit of maintenance it will last you a solid thirty years. The dense, fine grain makes it exceptionally strong, capable of holding weight well. It’s no surprise that Massaranduba is often used as material for the supporting beams beneath decks as well. Timber decking is made easy with these durable and stylish boards.

IPE manages to do the near impossible by being even tougher than Massaranduba. It’s so incredibly dense it sinks in water and through this high density it gains exceptional durability. Even in harsh climates it retains its appearance with minimal maintenance. Timber decking with IPE requires a little extra work since every screw and nail will need to be predrilled. It can be fitted both traditionally as well as using special clips. These allow you to screw the boards into place without the screws being visible. Ideal for a deck surrounding a pool.

Order hardwood for your deck with ease

Do-it-yourself timber decking is made easy with our broad selection of durable hardwood boards. Order online and we’ll deliver it to you as fast as possible. Boards, supporting beams, nails, screws and more. You’ll find everything you need for a beautiful new deck in our webshop. All the hardwood we sell is gathered responsibly. Enjoy your new deck to the fullest with timber from Stratton Group

The Stratton Group, beautiful lumber for decks and more

We provide high quality wood and materials for a deck of any size. Choose from several beautiful types of hardwood and tailor your new deck to your personal desires. With durable choices like Massaranduba or IPE you can enjoy your deck with minimal maintenance. Contact us by e-mail or phone and we’ll gladly answer any questions you might have about our supply. Timber decking done right with materials ordered from the Stratton Group. Order now and get to work on building a beautiful new hardwood deck.